Dandelion Values and Rules
Club members are expected to adhere to the approved values of Dandelion:
1. Justice: We value fair and equal interactions within our community and beyond.
  • We demonstrate respect for the dignity of every individual, their rights, personal interests, and well-being.
  • We uphold high standards of business ethics and tolerance in our communication within and outside the club.
  • We embrace the diversity of opinions, experiences, and cultures, providing feedback in a constructive manner and only when requested by the interlocutor.

2. Collaboration: We appreciate collaboration and open dialogue among representatives from different sectors and industries to address specific and global challenges.
  • We offer mutual assistance, resource support, and advocacy for the interests of other club members in joint projects and initiatives.
  • We cultivate networking interactions to facilitate the effective exchange of ideas and experiences among club members.
  • We exhibit openness, honesty, and transparency within the club to maintain mutual trust while respecting each other's constructive interests.

3. Responsibility: We value our capabilities and fulfill our obligations responsibly.
  • We take responsibility for honoring agreements with any business partners.
  • We recognize the global business responsibility for the fate of society and the environment and actively engage in addressing related issues.
  • We uphold high standards of confidentiality for critical information shared within the club.

4. Sustainability: We appreciate and adhere to the sustainability of the outcomes of our actions.
  • We ensure the sustainability of our business in line with the goals of sustainable development.
  • We ensure social sustainability in our interactions with partners, creating a comfortable environment for achieving substantial results.

5. Development: We value all opportunities for development and their significance in shaping the future.
  • We focus on global challenges and aim to create solutions that contribute to the well-being of all nations and regions.
  • We prioritize education (both personal and societal) as a fundamental element of knowledge and progress.
  • We actively contribute to the implementation of innovative solutions and creative ideas that impact the development of our community and the world at large.