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Dandelion Capital Partners
Where wealth grows and serves heritage
What makes Dandelion Capital Partners truly unique?
Ecosystem of progress
Imagine a financial oasis in the heart of Dubai, where ambition soars alongside the iconic Burj Khalifa. This is the essence of Dandelion Capital Partners, a dynamic investment holding company blooming since 2021.

Rooted in the fertile ground of the United Arab Emirates, Dandelion Capital Partners embraces diversity like a vibrant desert garden. Its reach extends across industries, from the towering heights of real estate to the cutting-edge frontiers of technology, finance, and beyond.

Guided by a relentless commitment to innovation, the company's seasoned team of professionals cultivates a potent blend of expertise and global vision. They are the skilled gardeners, nurturing ventures to blossom into success stories.

A Kaleidoscope of Ventures:
Dive into a diversified portfolio, where each investment is a carefully chosen seed, brimming with potential.
Heritage as the Lifeblood:
Witness the unwavering pursuit of groundbreaking ideas, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
Global Vision, Local Touch:
Experience the synergy of international expertise blended with deep regional understanding, ensuring ventures flourish in the specific soil of the UAE.

Positive Impact:
Witness the unwavering commitment to making a difference, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond financial gains.
Focus industries
  • Real Estate
    + BuildTech, PropTech, SmartCity, IoT
  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence
  • MedTech
    + BioTech, Healthcare
  • GameDev
    + Metaverses
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
    Web3, Crypto
  • EdTech
    + HR Tech
  • CleanTech
    GreenTech Renewable energy sources, waste recycling and water purification
Our Services
Investment consulting
Selection of the optimal investment strategy, portfolio formation, selection of exclusive investment opportunities
Formation of a syndicate of co-investors to purchase a share in selected projects on exclusive terms.
Portfolio Risk Management
Identification, analysis and management of risks associated with investment operations.
Investor Relations (IR)
Strategic management to increase trust and improve communication between the company and the investor community
Gamedev Project
A revolutionary project that develops talent and hires specialists in a multiplayer mobile game.
Future City Development Project
A project to build a city of the future with the most advanced technologies in the middle of the desert.