2016 North American Permaculture Convergence

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The 2nd North American Permaculture Convergence is scheduled for September 14-18, 2016 at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California.

Dear permaculture friends,

It is our pleasure to announce that NAPC II is happening Sept 14-18, 2016, at Solar Living Institute in Northern California.

NAPC II will be held in partnership with the Northern California Permaculture Convergence, which will be held concurrently on September 16-18 on the same site.  We are excited about this partnership and consider that it could become a tradition, through collaboration with and support of different regional convergences across the continent every two years. Integration and cooperation makes all of us stronger and more resilient!

In 2015, Northern California Permaculture Convergence changed their name to “Building Resilient Communities Convergence (BRCC)” in order to communicate to a broader base.  BRCC had 500 participants in 2015, with over 100 speakers, top music bands and lots of great networking. We expect to have even more people attending this event.

The site for NAPC II is the world-renowned Solar Living Institute.

The Solar Living Institute (SLI) has many examples relevant to permaculture especially in energy systems. SLI has hosted many events and at its max had 3,000 people on site. Visit their website to learn more.  https://www.solarliving.org/

The site offers camping and spillover will be at a neighbor’s land. There are a number of motels and hotels at interesting, small Northern California neighboring towns within 20 minutes or so.

The schedule and programming

The convergence will flow from a focus on permaculture designers and educators at NAPC, Wednesday through Friday, to a more open and broad based event on the weekend, hosted by BRCC.

NAPC will be the focus from Wednesday thru Friday. Working Groups and networking will be strong components, along with multiple tracks of advanced workshops, panels, and other activities. Designers and educators will have many opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another. We would like to continue the work that was initiated at the first NAPC and at the International Permaculture Convergence in the UK last year, and begin new work as is appropriate. Let us know what you would most love to see at this event!  It’s important to us to meet your needs, and we can only do that if you communicate what those are to us!  There will be many opportunities to share co-creative input before, during, and after the event. Write to info @ northamericanpermaculture.com with your needs and ideas, and join our Facebook group and communicate in our community venue.https://www.facebook.com/groups/napermacultureconvergence/

BRCC starts Friday evening and goes through Saturday and Sunday, with NAPC momentum continuing through the weekend. BRCC activities focus on workshops, education and festivities. NAPC participants can lead and attend workshops, join in the festivities, attend keynotes and all other BRCC activities. At the same time, NAPC will continue concurrently with scheduling of its own including ongoing meetings of the Working Groups. What the scheduling will be at NAPC II is dependent on what the participants bring to the table. There will be shoulder events and northern California tours both before the event and after it. Northern California has some of the best, most diverse and most established examples of permaculture in North America and some of the most experienced practitioners. There will be many opportunities for rich edge events that will offer attendees a wide range of opportunity.

Transition US (a worldwide permaculture-based movement founded in the UK),  Gaia U (permaculture focused University), the West Coast Women’s Permaculture Convergence and Permaculture Institute of North America have expressed interest in collaborating. A number of other permaculture groups have come forward to participate as well. The theme of the event is “Building Bridges” and it is already shaping up to be intensely collaborative.

How you can get involved

TICKETS: To register for the event, go HERE. Super early bird prices end July 9!  As the event gets closer there will be several price increases, so buy soon!

PROGRAM:  To apply to be a presenter, give a workshop, panel, or collaborative event, click HERE.  Priority application deadline is July 10. If you are a member of an already formed working group and would like to help create related activities for this event, or if you would like to form a new working group, please contact info @ northamericanpermaculture.com. More information on 2014 working groups can be found HERE.

SPONSORS:  Sponsors will receive significant promotional benefits from multiple partnering organizations while supporting the progress and growth of the profession of permaculture and of the movement. If you would like to see more about the benefits of sponsorship or to sponsor the event, go HERE.

VENDORS:  Do you have a service or product you’d like to share with 500+ permaculturists?  Consider acquiring a space at the event. There are positions for businesses, non-profits and interactive vendors. More info HERE.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: How can we capture the energy within our movement and help each other to greater abundance – whatever that might mean to each of us? One way is through collaboration and in that spirit, we are looking to form useful partnerships. If you help us spread word of the event, we will promote your activity as well. For more information, go HERE.

WORK TRADE:  Application and more info coming soon!

SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Check back soon for more information about our crowdfunding campaign and scholarship fund. Scholarships will go as priority to those who are active in their communities using permaculture to make a difference. As well, a diverse geographical and cultural representation at the event is important to us, as diversity provides more resilience, learning opportunities, and ultimately abundance for all of us..

TOURS and EDGE EVENTS:  Information on tours is HERE. If you have an event, workshop, or course occurring before or after Sept 14-18, please let us know. We’d like to give people the opportunity to extend their educational and participatory experience when possible!


Please sign up for our low volume newsletter HERE to keep abreast of important developments in regard to this event!

If you would like to help or contribute in a way that hasn’t been described above, you can use the Contact Us form or please write to info @ northamericanpermaculture.com.


The North American Permaculture Convergence will help to connect and advance North American networks of permaculture practitioners. The NAPC will also create opportunities for in-person and virtual connections, sharing resources and defining the structure, function and organization of our collective groups moving forward.



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